Welcome to Creation Spirituality Communities (CSC)

Join a community of people working to integrate human existence with a healthy, sustained planet.

CSC is a network of individuals and communities who experience our own spiritual paths in connection to the evolving paradigms of the universe. 

In addition to regular gatherings, joining our network provides access to our growing community as well as ongoing content and Livestream events. It's a place to build friendships and foster spiritual relationships to support you along your journey. If you're looking for genuine transformation and personal growth through study, community, and practice this is your new place to be. 

What you'll receive: 

  • ✨ Attend life-changing classes
  • 🧠 Network with like-minded members
  • 🪞 Reflect and learn in a sacred community
  • 🔎 Find local and online CSC events
  • 📺 Watch exclusive videos and discussions

Benefits of Joining

  • By practicing an embodied spirituality we awaken our senses and participate fully in relationship with one another and the divine.
  • We act as co-creators, birthing acts of beauty and justice into the world from the marriage of spirituality and science.
  • We consider our efforts to create justice to be our sacred work in the world…our interdependence calls us to social and ecological justice.

Our mission is to build community with those who seek to unify sacred earth and human existence. Radically progressive and traditionally mystical, we believe in the sacredness of all Creation. We come from many spiritual traditions, cultures, races, ages, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations.